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LXF-CNC-3500 High-speed CNC Drilling-milling Machining Center


High-speed CNC Drilling-milling Machining Center
Product Details
Using advanced industrial CNC systems, friendly human-machine interface, device operation is simple, performance reliable.
Suitable for aluminum alloy, aluminum and wood composite profile, profiles and other light alloys of copper, as well as the u-PVC profile processing.
Bed made of high strength welding structure, completed after thermal aging treatment of maching in one clamping.
Adopts imported high precision linear guideways, ball screws, gear racks and servo motor, ensuring smooth motion, positioning and processing of high precision.

High-quality imported automatic tool change for high speed motorized spindle ensure stability, stability of rotation noise, cutting ability.

Technical parameters:

X-axis stroke:3500mm

X-axis feed rate:0~60m/min

X-axis positioning accuracy:±0.05mm

Y-axis stroke:300mm

Y-axis feed rate:0~48m/min

Y-axis positioning accuracy:±0.02mm

Z-axis stroke:200mm

Z-axis feed rate:0~20m/min

Z-axis positioning accuracy:±0.02mm

Repeat location accuracy:±0.02mm

Roughness:Ra 6.3 μm

Spindle Power:5.5kW

Power Specification:380V/50Hz

Spindle Speed:0~18000rpm

Total Power of Machine:8.5kW

Working Pressure:0.6~0.8MPa

Machine Size:5100x1420x1750mm

Net Weight:1100kg

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