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LJXF1G-270×115 Sing-head Copy-routing Drilling Machine


Sing-head Copy-routing Drilling Machine
Product Details
Equipment Features
Used for copy-routing processing various kinds of holes, grooves and water slots.
The latest improvement of bearing seat structure, the belt can be easily replaced, become a more complete product structure
Precision linear bearing guide rail, make the cutter movement smooth and   flexible, easy to operate.
It makes the milling cutter easy to clamp for its high standard milling cutter and main axis taper from precision work.

Excellent gas oil atomization cooling system makes the milling effect better,  cutting tool durable.

Technical parameters:

Input power:1.1Kw

Power supply:380V/50Hz

Air pressure:0.6~0.8MPa

Motor rotary speed:12000r/min

Copy-routing Range:270×115mm

Main shaft diameter:Φ32mm

Diameter of milling cutter:Φ5、Φ8

Overall dimension:870×700×1500mm

Consulting: LJXF1G-270×115 Sing-head Copy-routing Drilling Machine
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