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LJXF3G-270×115 Copy-routing Drilling Machine


Copy-routing Drilling Machine
Product Details
Milling all kinds of lock holes.
Formed by three-hole drill part (horizontal direction) and copy milling part (vertical direction).
The height of three-hole drilling can be adjusted easily.
Three-hole drill designed behind and operated easily. 
Adopt vertical axis to ensure the parallel precision of the three-hole drill. 
Adopt hydro-pneumatic actuator cylinder feeding to save labor. 

Easy adjustment of the processing position.

Technical parameters:

Input power:2.6Kw

Power supply:380V/50Hz

Air pressure:0.5~0.8MPa

Motor rotary speed:12000/910r/min

Copy-routing Range:270×115mm

Three-hole drill diameter:Φ12

Three-hole center distance:21.5×21.5

Diameter of milling cutter:Φ5、Φ8

Overall dimension:1000×1130×1500mm

Consulting: LJXF3G-270×115 Copy-routing Drilling Machine
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