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LJZJS-120 Single-head Corner Combining Machine


Single-head Corner Combining Machine
Product Details

Equipment features:
Used for combining the 90 corner of high quality aluminum window and door.
Strengthened machine structure and rack to make it work more stable and low malfunctions.
Auto up-down inner localization to make workpiece clamping convenient;
Special hydraulic station with big power and big crimping power, that can process profile with big cross-section and big thickness;
Special high speed hydraulic system to supply fast crimping and high efficiency.
Inner corner locating device adopt adjustable locating device. It is suitable for various sections and sizes.

Technical parameters:

Input power:1.5kw

Power supply:380V/50HZ

Air pressure:0.5~0.8MPa

Air consumption:2L

Rated pressure:16MPa

Capability of oil box:20L

Profile height:120mm

Total Corner combing pressure:48KN

Overall dimension:1850×1680×1210mm

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