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LYA-90 Double Column Punching Machine


Double Column Punching Machine
Product Details

Main Feature:
Applied to punching processing of single modes and combination modes.
Installation and replacement of mould can be of large,convenient ness,fastness,high speed and high production.
Used advanced and reliable mechanical structure design and solved two big technical diffcult problems of the mould damage and equipment wornness because of imbalance of cutting force. 
Using extended the workench,3 position can install 3 moulds,and can work at the same time,greatly improve the working efficiency.

Technical parameters:

Input Power: 3kw

Power supply: 380V/50Hz

Capability of Oil Box: 50L

Press nominal Pressure:100KN

Travel Times: 30/min

Closing Height: 280-140mm

Punching Travel: 60mm

Overall Dimension: 1300×730×1280mm

Consulting: LYA-90 Double Column Punching Machine
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