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LY-16 Hardware Pneumatic Punching Machine


Hardware Pneumatic Punching Machine
Product Details
This machine is used to punch hardware holes and other holes or grooves in aluminum windows and doors.
Pneumatic punching with multi-station makes punched holes smooth, and ensures high productivity.
Driving system with pneumatic transmission makes punching process stable.

The aluminum door-window punching machine can punch grooves for handles and drain slots, cut corners, and punch holes (φ10mm, φ6mm) for transmitter ends.

Technical parameters:

Air pressure: 0.6-0.8MPa

Nominal pressure: 16KN

Punching stroke: 30mm

Die size: 340×240×500mm

Overall dimension: 520×450×1200mm

Consulting: LY-16 Hardware Pneumatic Punching Machine
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