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WFH-4-5MD Four-head PVC Win-door Seamless Welding Machine


Four-head PVC Win-door Seamless Welding Machine
Product Details
Four head can work seperately or linkage.
This machine is suit for welding colorful profile(film, double color, spray etc), WFH-2-3MD can clean all the corner at one time and can control the size of welding seam, so make the corner good-looking, top grade, and the welding strength is higher than the original one.
Strengthen the hardness of welding through control the pneumatic system especially in the melting, to ensure that welding hardness is the best.

As clean the corner after welding, there is not slot between the profile to increase the touching surface by 10%~20% the welding strength is much better than common windows and doors.

Technical parameters:
Input power:4.5kw
Power supply:220V/50HZ
Air pressure:0.4-0.6MPa
Air consumption:200L/min
Welding height:20-120mm
Welding width:100mm
Welding range:400-4500mm
Overal dimension:5300x1100x1700mm

Consulting: WFH-4-5MD Four-head PVC Win-door Seamless Welding Machine
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