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LJZ2D-CNC-500×4200 CNC Double-head Precision Cutting Saw


CNC Double-head Precision Cutting Saw
Product Details

Imported carbides blade is of accurate processing and high endurance .   
Saw blade rotates smoothly due to high accurate main spindle . 
Uniform speed feeding and smooth motion is due to air hydraulic damping cylinder. 
The feeding systerm adopts the imported linear guide pair ,with high accuracy and stability .  
Two saw heads are adjustable and cut the profiles in 45°, 90°freely.   
Auto-opening shield maked the operation safety. 
Right heads feeding adopts pitch ball screwlead motion,with high accuracy driving,location and smooth working. 
The machine uses the numerical control technology,profiles of different specifications can be completed automatically under the expected size.

Technical parameters:

Input power: 5.8kw

Power supply: 380V/50Hz

Air pressure: 0.5~0.8MPa

Motor rotary speed: 2800r/min

Saw blade specification: φ500xφ30

Cutting Angle: 90° 45°

Cutting Length: 450-4200mm

Cutting Width×Height: 135×200mm

Overall Dimension: 5260×1750×1990mm

Consulting: LJZ2D-CNC-500×4200 CNC Double-head Precision Cutting Saw
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