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SQJH-CNC-125 CNC Conner Cleaning Machine


CNC Conner Cleaning Machine
Product Details
For cleaning profiles' welding seam.
High processing precision due to size error compensation function.
Imported servo-drive system, computer control system, solenoid valve, air source disposer and so on ensured reliable performance and ling using life. 
Can store many program for various profile processing.
Can clean multi-shaped welding seams.
Two axis computer control system.

Can clean outside vertical surface, up/bottom welding seam and seal rubber groove part.

Technical parameters:
Input power: 5Kw
Power supply: 380V/50HZ
Air pressure:0.5-0.8mpa
Air consumption:200L/min
Motor rotate speed :2800r/min
profile height:30-125mm
profile width:30-110mm
Cleaning groove width:3mm
Cleaning groove depth:0.3mm
Overall dimension:2000x1930x1500mm

Consulting: SQJH-CNC-125 CNC Conner Cleaning Machine
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