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MZKJ-4225 Wooden Window and Door Frame Crimping Machine


Wooden Window and Door Frame Crimping Machine
Product Details
It could be used for wood-aluminum windows and wooden windows.
Upper head took with the short trip hydraulic cylinder and gravitational balance device,it could facilitate adjustment head height.
Lower head had special positioning device for adjustment head height,ensure the size of workpiece are different in the right position stamping. 
Helicopter took along the guide horizontal and vertical movement,each stamping angle were accurate fixed.
East operation,the pressure of clamping could be adjustable.Horizontal and vertical pressure system independent adjustment.
This machine equipped with inclined window stamping special pressure head,to processing the triangle,trapezoidal window etc. 

Modular design,it can increase some vertical and horizontal of extrusion units, looks simple and ,strong and elegant,strong and durable.

Technical parameters:
Input power:1.1kw  
Cutting range: min 300x300 max 4200x2500
Hydraulic cylinder control unit :60mm
Hydraulic cylinder stroke:120mm(Vertical) 150mm(Horizontal)
Rated pressure:16Mpa
Overall dimension:5100×1200×3400mm

Consulting: MZKJ-4225 Wooden Window and Door Frame Crimping Machine
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