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YBS-100 Tenon Drilling Machine for Wooden Window


Tenon Drilling Machine for Wooden Window
Product Details
Used processing round rods tenon installation holes mullion and frame profile of wooden window.
Strong welding body and high precision linear guide could ensure the machining precision of the machine and used life.
This machine has profiles support with sliding block and a mullion positioning device,it can complete profile side and end of the drilling process.
Used mulit-axis drilling.the lots of holes processing could be completed in one time,and make the suitable hole position connected each other completely match. 
Drill feeding and profile clamping by pneumaic.
Drilling depth could be quick adjusted by the positioning device.

Multiaxial bit standard interface, can be replaced rapidly.

Technical parameters:
Power supply: 380V/50Hz
Input power:1.1kw  
Overall dimension:800 x1150x 1270mm
Weight: 270kg

Consulting: YBS-100 Tenon Drilling Machine for Wooden Window
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