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LBZ1800PD/1800P Vertical Automatic Insulating Glass Production Line


Vertical Automatic Insulating Glass Production Line
Product Details
Rinsing sector and water flow system adopt rustproof and rot-proof material, which can bear roughly usage.
The rinsing and dry sector with floating design is suitable for rinsing 3-12mm glasses.
Full distance automatic changeable frequency speed adjustment, which can save work waiting time and improve production efficiency.
The glasses can be rinsed continuously, the machine can distinguish the first and the second glass automatically. waiting time is zero.
Adopt the imported low-voltage electric apparatus component, sensor, the equipment is automatically controlled by PLC for the whole operation.
This machine is in high efficiency; it has storage room for little piece of glass. Washing the glass can be imported in succession.

The machine can produce extend, big & small, unique shape insulating glass.

Technical parameters:
Model:                          LBZ1800PD            LBZ1800P
Power supply:                   380V/50Hz            380V/50Hz
Total power:                    19.65kW              19.65kW
Cleaning speed:                 2~15m/min            2~15m/min
Working speed:                  15-45m/min           15-45m/min
Min.glass size:                 400×280mm           400×280mm
Max.glass size:                 2000×1600mm         2000×1600mm
Max.Insulating glass thickness: 50mm                 50mm
Glass thickness:                3~12mm               3~12mm
Overall dimension:              19200×2600×3000mm  16100×2600×3000mm

Consulting: LBZ1800PD/1800P Vertical Automatic Insulating Glass Production Line
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