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GT06 High-efficiency Two-component Sealant Coating Machine


High-efficiency Two-component Sealant Coating Machine
Product Details
This extruder is the special machine for spreading double-component sealant.
It is full pneumatic type and do not need electric supply, can be easy to move and operation in the
building site.
Easy operation, easy maintenance, stable working, high efficiency, It can suit the request of insulating glass and glass curtain wall batch production.
The main parts is from world known brand, the key mechanism parts is high strength stainless steel
after heat treatment process from refining, thus to assure the machine good quality.
Take stainless straight flow type mixer,with small resistance,big output quantity.
Main motor take double pneumatic controlling system,to make the machine low malfunction and more
There is alarm system ,when any of A,B is not available,it will alarm automatically to remind the
Rubber mixing system take hanging device ,to decrease the labor intensity.
There are two seals for the B rubber,to decrease the leakage of B rubber pressure plate.
With 2 filters before high pressure system ,to avoid the dust into high pressure system,to make sure
for the machine stability.

Compared with the hydraulic type,this model is quick speed ,low manufaction.

Technical parameters:
Air Pressure: 0.5-0.8Mpa
Mixing Ratio: 6:1-14:1
Basic Component Bucket: 55 Gallon(200L)
Hardener Bucket: 5 Gallon(20L)
Max Air Consumption: 1.0m3/min
Sealant Air Pressure Rate: 50:1
Max Squeezing Pressure: 29Mpa
Overall Dimension: 1100×950×1630mm

Consulting: GT06 High-efficiency Two-component Sealant Coating Machine
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