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LWZ2000 Aluminum Spacer Bar Automatic bending machine


Aluminum Spacer Bar Automatic bending machine
Product Details
Equipment Features
PLC control,touch human-machine interface,simple operation and high efficiency.
Feeding system adopts CNC servo motor,bending angle uses CNC control and improve the working efficiency.
Auto-cutter,it does not need changing cutter(more than 6 mm).
Bending and cutting automatically avoid the connection,the roundness,automatically cut after bending.
Manual operation,it is easy to debug and repair and make it more convenient for workers to check the machine.
It can make triangle,rectangle,positive five squareness,positive hexagon,roundness and so on.
Low energy consumption.

High efficient and easy operating.

Technical parameters:
Input power:2.5kw
Air pressure: 0.6-0.8MPa
Min. bending size: 250×250mm
Max. bending size:2000×2000mm
Spacer width: 5.5-20mm
Conveyor speed: 120m/min
Bending speed: ≤30s/PCS(1000×1000mm)
Size error: ±0.5mm
Angle error: ±1'
Overall dimension 10500×2100×2600mm

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