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M25A Woodworking CNC Machining Center


Woodworking CNC Machining Center
Product Details
Split keyboard control: simple, convenient, easy to learn the split keyboard, the user can quickly flexibility to use the equipment, more independence.
Intelligent processing cross-border protection functions: to prevent the processing rate of the design layout over the collision caused by mechanical phenomenon.
Cleaning, adsorption devices: Vacuum system sucked in processing wood and broken Tim, keep the table clean and disguise the maintenance of equipment; adsorption system to replace the previous mechanical plate fixed to improve the processing other than plate loading and unloading time.
Intelligent processing speed control: processing speed can be controlled, to truly improve the processing efficiency, the Director of tool life and improve yield.
Advanced file pre-processing features to help users in a timely manner to correct processing errors in the file, and can be a good compatible with domestic and foreign variety of software (such as Mastercam, Typ3, UG, Artcam, Caxa, etc.) to generate the processing code.
Advanced three-dimensional curve prediction algorithm, a smooth line, to ensure speed and accuracy of the curve.
Platform-based embedded control system, unlimited scalability extensions. Anti-jamming design of hardware and software synchronization to ensure reliable operation of the system time.
With a breakpoint, continued carving capabilities, with automatic error correction back to the origin, and effective in working long hours to ensure the machining accuracy.
Machine seamless welded steel structure, steel and strong, not distortion; Japan Yaskawa servo motors, torque and has a perfect security system.

For wood, doors, furniture, cabinets, mold and other industries.

Technical parameters:
Spindle power:3KW/4.5KW
Power supply:380V/50HZ
X.Y working area:1300×2500mm
Z working area:>230mm
Table size:1440×3000mm
Max. speed:50m/min
Max. working speed:30m/min
Repositioning accuracy:0.05mm
Work-holding:Vacuum adsorption
Command:G code.u00.mmg.plt
Surroundings for software:windows98/2000/xp
Power(no include the spindle):2000w
Work mode:Stepper

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