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XF-1325 High-speed Advertising Engraving Machine


High-speed Advertising Engraving Machine
Product Details
CNC rack series is used in the advertising industry, it's a high-speed machines major production for the big signs, big characters cutting.
Billboard industry: characters cutting, signs production, LED / neon trough, hole-shaped literally cutting, plastic light box mold making.
The software controls the spindle movement, the automation is strong.
Speed, high efficiency, air speed of up to 8 m / min or more.
Spindle power, good steel.

Double-motor drive, the unique double-pin shaft drive, the force of large, smooth transmission, ensure that a long time high-speed operation is not deformed, not jitter.

Technical parameters:
Spindle power:2.2-4.5KW
Power supply:380V/50HZ
X.Y working area:1300×2500mm
Z working area:>150mm
Table size:1400×3000mm
Max. speed:9m/min
Max. working speed:8m/min
Max. feeding height:>150mm
Spindle speed:0-24000rpm
Work mode:Stepper

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