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LXF-CNC-1200 High-speed CNC Drilling-milling Machine


High-speed CNC Drilling-milling Machine
Product Details
Equipment Feature:
Applicable for drilling holes,milling grooves,processing circular holes and special-shaped holes,plane engraving of aluminum alloy profile
System adopts Taiwan Syntec CNC Controller
Adopting electric spindle:high precision,high safety and reliablity
X axis adopts high-precision oblique gear and rack;Y and Z axis adopt high-precision ball screw transmission and high precision 
By using programming software to automatically transform and process G code;easy operation;high efficiency and low labor intensity. 

Worktable can overturn 180°,-90°~0°~+90°;it can realize three-sides processing by clamping one time;it can process deep and special-shaped holes through worktable overturn; high efficiency and precision.

Technical parameters:

X-axis stroke:1200mm

X-axis feed rate:0~60m/min

X-axis positioning accuracy:±0.05mm

Y-axis stroke:300mm

Y-axis feed rate:0~48m/min

Y-axis positioning accuracy:±0.02mm

Z-axis stroke:280mm

Z-axis feed rate:0~20m/min

Z-axis positioning accuracy:±0.02mm

Repeat location accuracy:±0.02mm

Roughness:Ra 6.3 μm

Spindle Power:3kW

Power Specification:380V/50Hz

Spindle Speed:0~18000rpm

Total Power of Machine:6.5kW

Working Pressure:0.5~0.8MPa

Machine Size:2200×1500×1950mm

Net Weight:610kg

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