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LY6-50 Six-station Hydraulic Pressing Machine


Six-station Hydraulic Pressing Machine
Product Details
Used for installation of aluminum alloy windows and doors and the punching processing of aluminum profiles. 
Every combined punching mold matched with the equipment can finish multi punching processing and by changing processing position, various types of profiles can be processed.

Disk worktable with six working position is equipped with six set dies. Each die is used at any time by the worktable rotating, which greatly increased the production efficiency.

Technical parameters:

Input Power: 2.2kw

Power supply: 380V/50Hz

Capability of Oil Box: 20L

Press nominal Pressure: 50KN

Travel Times: 30/min

Closing Height: 185mm

Punching Travel: 30mm

Model Size: 250×200×215mm

Overall Dimension: 900×950×1420mm

Consulting: LY6-50 Six-station Hydraulic Pressing Machine
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